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i-Accele Xtra
/ i-Accele for WindowsMobile

 i-Accele Xtra is an advanced solution that accelerates the delivery of data services and improves network utilization.
It dramatically improve performance of all internet based data applications including email, and web browsing, excellent performance to all applications, FTP, remote access to file systems and applications, internet and intranet access.

 i-Accele Xtra, is an optimization client-server application provided to ASP's, ISP's, and mobile operators. It accelerates the transport of all internet and data services over all wireless and wire lines - narrow band, broadband, cable, and satellite networks. I-Accele Xtra supports all PC based windows operating system, except windows 95. For smart phone users, the clients for WindowsMoblie are also available.
I-Accele Xtra is made up of two components applications:

 i-Accele Xtra Client: This is the software installed on end users, or customer's computers or desktops. The client plays an integral role in accelerating your wireless, narrowband, and broadband access to applications, yet function in a subtle and non-obtrusive way.

 i-Accele Xtra Server: This is the Server software installed at the ISP, ASP or your mobile operator site. The server performs and supports the transactions requested by the i-Accele Xtra client. The server's existence is transparent because it resides on a computer at a remote location. i-Accele Xtra