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e-Accele is a Client-Server based optimization solution that can significantly enhance leased line and corporate users' experience. In order to optimise lease or corporate application traffics, the users have to install e-Accele client application on the corporate end user devices and integrate the e-Accele server into the leased line, corporate LAN or the carrier network. The e-Accele server could be installed in the provider's network or in the lease line corporate environment. It has been our experience that corporate usually prefer the second alternative due to the following reasons:
  • They are very reluctant to compromise data security to any degree.
  • They already have a point to point VPN between clients and corporate firewall and they only want to optimise the existing connection.
  • They need the solution under local control without external dependencies.
Due to these reasons I-accele has adapted the corporate-based solution as a high priority with several corporate network security functions supported to specifically target corporate and leased line markets. e-Accele client support all PC based windows operating system. e-Accele