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Our Products

i-Accele Xtra / i-Accele for WindowsMobile e-Accele i-Accele Xtra(ASP) and e-Accele use same technology. However servers are placed on the Internet in i-Accele Xtra, while servers are located on the Intranet in e-Accele.
So i-Accele Xtra can make the Internet access faster, but it can't access to Intranet or VPN.
On the other hand, because servers are located on LAN, users of e-Accele can access to business-applications (such as a groupware) and VPN. In Japan i-Accele Xtra is mainly used by consumers and small companies which don't have the Intranet. In contrast, because most enterprises already use VPN, we provide e-Accele to make their business-applications faster.

For example, e-Accele works pretty good with the following people:
  • MRs(medical representative): to refer to the medical database over wireless PCs.
  • Super visors of convenience stores: to check out their POS systems across wireless PCs.
  • Chiefs of fast-food chain stores: to get access to servers over narrowband lines.

Key Features

I-Accele is a system composed of the server and the client software.
I-Accele improves Internet access speed by several technologies. Software intercepts the request data of Internet access. The key three methods of accelaration are compression, cache and network optimization.


i-Accele uses gzip and a combination of unique and progressive algorithms to perform content compression.
The compression reduces the size of the files transferred and thus enables them to be delivered much faster, using less bandwidth on the network.


I-Accele creates caches for storing repetitive region patterns for various data stream types.
i-Accele classifies and stores similar data into the caches. Caches exist on both the server and the client devices, and are synchronized at all times. Initially, new information is cached. In subsequent transmissions, the new stream is compared with the buffer to find repetitive regions. These regions are marked and identified for reuse. Because of its sophisticated compression and intelligent classification of data into caches, i-Accele's optimizes bandwidth, increasing data flow and resulting in less traffic at any given point.

Network Optimization

i-Accele improves the transport layer of client-server TCP-based applications over any type of network with an efficient wireless communication protocol (called the Wireless Transport Layer).
This protocol is more suitable for wireless environments and is based on virtual piping over a UDP layer.


i-Accele is an advanced solution that makes data transfer over all networks practical today, and offers clear advantages over alternatives. i-Accele enables network operators to provide their customers with:
  • Fast access and secure service delivery.
  • Reduced transmission costs.
  • Optimization of all data application.
  • Advanced adaptive compression that learns network conditions and, over time, improves network service performance.
  • Full transparency and support for a variety of devices.
i-Accele Xtra /e-Accele provides wireless network operators with the following benefits:

Immediate launch of a single solution

i-Accele installation is quick and simple, immediately optimizing end user performance, regardless of the end users' devices, protocols and configurations.


i-Accele allow operators to offer a unique value-added service that achieves clear differentiation and improvement in service, attracting new subscribers and encouraging loyalty. For 2G, 2.5G, and 3G networks, i-Accele is the only practical solution for accelerated data service delivery. Additionally, i-Accele functions as a platform from which to launch additional value-added service offerings.

Increased revenue

Transporting data services with i-Accele over wireless networks delivers better performance than data services over dial-up without i-Accele. High-speed data services will encourage greater use of the wireless network services and increase traffic.

Better Network Utilization

i-Accele reduces the required bandwidth per data session, so operators can serve more subscribers over the same infrastructure. This improves the use of the infrastructure and is particularly important in packet-switched networks.

Minimal investment

i-Accele is a low cost, risk-free software solution that uses standard hardware and takes advantage of existing infrastructure. It is easy to install and requires little maintenance and support, providing an extremely favorable cost-benefit ratio and a rapid, high return on your investment.

Family of familiar products

The i-Accele family of products complement each other and integrate seamlessly with each other-working together to provide you with the best solutions for your wireless and wire line data transfer needs.